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Benefits for Buyers

No charge on tickets (only for Pre-registered buyers)
Business Lounge
One-on-one business meeting with exhibitor

Pre-registered buyers

Pre-registration for buyers allows free admission and avoids congestion at the site.
Pre-registration is only allowed once per company(account)
Visit 1 day regardless of the date during the fair period
※Major reasons for pend of acceptance: Missing essential information (such as affiliation, name, mobile phone number), lack of evidence, general attendees, etc.

How to pre-register as a buyer?

  • Online buyer pre-registration (free) or on-site registration (charged)
  • Receive an exhibition badge after verifying your identity with your business card or passport at the on-site buyer registration desk
  • Enter the fair

※ If you pre-registered online you won’t receive any notification or QR code ticket.
※ If you are a buyer registered on-site, you will be able to set up a meeting with an exhibitor who is not on the meeting schedule with any other buyers yet.

Register as a buyer

Do you have any other questions about the buyers policy?

Feel free to contact: +85-2-6000-8575 / kclf@coex.co.kr