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In 2022, we were with...

Grand Prize

Jung-Hyun Hwang

Under roof BapBap

Acceptance Speech

Making the contents in the regions by myself, had been really difficult since there was a lack of manpower, time, information and etc. However as I was acknowledged as the Rookie, here in KCLF, it felt like it’s telling me that it’s okay to go forward. So I’ll try my best for ‘Underoof BapBap’ to go abroad.

Participation review/
Catching up on the artists

It was a really fun and enjoyable experience to communicate directly with people face to face. I hope you feel that too! Recently I exhibited my work in Jeonju Lotte Department and Jeonju Contents Fair. Also in 202,2 I collaborated with ‘Sejong International Animation Competition [SICACO]’ and spent my days meeting the kids in person drawing lots of caricatures and introducing my works to them. I also started my new youtube channel! [지붕아래밥밥] There you can find cartoons and pilot episodes, so I hope you enjoy them!


Instragram: @bapbap_official
Youtube: 지붕아래밥밥
E-mail: coffee_vvv@naver.com

Excellence Prize

Sang-Won Kim


Acceptance Speech

Hey Everyone, I’m Bap-Dung-yi’s artist ’Studio Soolm’. I’ve participated in various Illustration fairs and actively working on my Instagram. It’s only been a year since I started as an artist, but I’m so happy that I got the prize. I created Bap-Dung-yi, this Febuaray in 2022 and participated in 8 different fair in 9 months. Project Rookie in KCLF was my third fair. Including KCLF, the fairs that were held in Coex have had lots of visitors. So I could greet the visitors with excitement even though I’m usually very shy. I truly believe that the project Rookie has been like the golden ticket to me since I received various kinds of supports such as mentoring, booth for exhibition and business partnership etc. Recently I’m preparing to participate in many different kinds of activity. Basically like offline fairs. So I’m considering how to make goods out of ‘Bap-Dung-yi’. Also, to fill in the gap in between the fairs, I’m communicating and uploading many episodes on my Instagram(@studio_soolm). I’m planning on participating on the next fair which will be held in February next year. Since I have quite a long time till then, I promise you that I’ll show up with good results. Thank you!

Participation review/
Catching up on the artists

I strongly recommend to participate in KCLF if you’ve been sincerely preparing to become a character designer. Generally, participating in a fair is really great opportunity, but it can also be a big burden on your shoulder. However, you can get a lot of support from the secretariat for the project Rookie. If you are interested or have questions about my experience in previous participation feel free to contact me via Instagram of e-mail. Good luck to the participants on this years project Rookie!


Instragram: @studio_soolm
Blog: https://blog.naver.com/studio_soolm E-mail: swsw2937@naver.com

Yoon-Jung Lee

Heart bunny

Acceptance Speech

I thought that I was designing the happiness in my drawing, and when I heard that I got the prize I was really proud.

Participation review/
Catching up on the artists

Heart bunny is interacting with customers through goods in Naver, but I’d like to introduce this to more people through Kakao Emoticons and licensing.


Instragram: @heart_bunny21

Project Rookie, Overview

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