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Benefits for Buyers

Access to the business lounge
Application for 1:1 business matching service between buyers and participating companies
Operation of a dedicated registration desk for buyers for expedited entry

· The above benefits are provided only to buyers approved by the secretariat.
· Approved buyers must conduct pre-matching with sellers
(participating companies) and conduct meetings on-site.

Notice for buyer registration

Buyers can avoid on-site congestion and have 1:1 meetings with participating companies upon registration.

- Pre-registration is limited to once per account.
- Visits are possible at any time during the event period (7/18~7/21).

※ Pending Approval (Buyer approval may be pending in the following cases):
- Essential information such as affiliation, name, and mobile phone number is not provided.
- Insufficient supporting documents (no business card attached, identification unclear, etc.).
- Registration by general observers.

Process for buyer’s registration

  • [Online buyer]
    Pre-registration or on-site registration.
    Upon registration, Online Buyers do not receive notifications or QR entry tickets.
  • [Onsite buyer]
    Authenticate themselves at the registration desk and receive entry badges.
    Entry is granted.
  • Enter the fair

※ For Online Buyers, notifications or QR entry tickets are not issued after approval.
※ On-site registered Buyers can request meetings with companies not matched on the Biz Matching schedule for that day.

Register as a buyer

Do you have any other questions about the buyers policy?

Domestic buyer : 02-6000-8578 / pr.kclf@gmail.com
International buyer : 02-6000-8575 / pr.kclf@gmail.com