New Wave Zone

New Wave Zone

In an attempt to discover competent writers or artists who will lead the character industry in the future, the Korea Character Licensing Fair Secretariat opens the New Wave Zone where works by individual artists and university club members are exhibited for free each year. By applying the three-year graduation system, the New Wave Zone intends to guarantee fairness in the eligibility of participants and broader participation (participants who took part in the exhibition every year from 2014 to 2016 are restricted from applying to take part in the New Wave Zone in 2017).

Detailed schedule for participation in New Wave Zone

Selection criteria and booth information

Application receipt number
Download the application form on the homepage and submit the completed form via e-mail.
Contact: TEL: 02-6000-8571
E-mail :
Click here to download the application form (hwp file).
Selection criteria
Priority given to individuals and hobby groups with outstanding booth interior and design among those present creative contents
Selection made based on a 100 point scale (70 points for creative contents and 30 points for outstanding booth interior)

Korean won, VAT excluded

부스 및 부대시설 : 구분, 조기할인단가
Classification Early discount price
Booth Free
  • Security deposit (10,000 won) to be returned after completion of the exhibition (No refund in the case of nonparticipation in exhibition, arbitrary cancellation or damage to booth)
  • Application for one booth per individual or group
Telephone Overseas \50,000
Local \200,000
Electricity (day) Single-phase 220V \60,000
Three-phase 220V \60,000
Three-phase 380V \60,000
Electricity (24hr) \80,000
Internet cable (LAN) \150,000
Water supply \150,000
Responsibilities and copyrights
Wooden booth to be supplied
※ Please abide by the following conditions to prevent damage to the walls of the wooden booths.
Prohibited items/behaviors: Drawing directly on the wall, synthetic paper paint, 3M spray, double-sided tape for weather strip
Allowed items: Tacker, nailing, fixing with pieces, adhesive sheets, 3M double-sided tape
※ Warning: In case damage is done on any wall of the wooden booth, the security deposit (100,000 won) shall be forfeited and a claim for damage shall be made against the concerned party. Please check the application form and our rules thoroughly before submitting your application.
Additional facilities
For additional equipment including shelves and desks, please contact designated partner companies of COEX.
Click here for information on designated partner companies.
Do not cause any safety problems for viewers in installing and operating the booths.
Comply with the booth installation guidelines in installing and operating your booth.
Exhibit only the works created by the exhibitor
Do not exhibit illegal copies.
Do not tout viewers from away from the booths.
An individual or group under whose name/title a business registration has been made are prohibited from taking part in the exhibition.
Information on copyright registration
For the protection of the copyrights of individual artists or hobby groups, please register copyrights at the Korea Copyright Commission(
In case too many individual artists or groups try to participate in the exhibition, those works whose copyrights are already registered shall be preferred.
In the case of works not yet made public, or those being made public for the first time at the time of copyright registration, the applicant should submit the application form for copyright registration, statement of relevant works, a letter of consent for the computerization of reproduction, a copy of the ID card, and a copy of relevant works to apply for copyrights.
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